Fujitsu has another great news for geeks! The latest green technology invented by Fujitsu’s research lab offers a quantum leap to create limitless energy resource for mobile gadgets.


The power could be harness from light as well as heat, which could be taken from solar energy as well as body heat, abundance of green energy that all of us could enjoy and embrace upon for free!


Furthermore, Fujitsu has simplified the technology by using single machine, making it more affordable as well as more eco-friendly. There will be no need for electrical wiring or battery replacements, and it will suit for operation even at most remote areas, where action and communication could sometime mean only one thing – survival.

However, the technology is still in development stage, hopefully we could witness the commercial version from Fujitsu anytime before 2015!

[ Source: Ubergizmo ; AkihabaraNews ; Fujitsu ]