Did you know that Fusion Garage’s Grid10 tablet is cheaper than HP TouchPads or even the Asus Transformer? Latest pricing info has shown that the Grid10 tablet will be retailed for USD200!

Viral marketing strategy? That should become one neat trick to boost the online sales and start getting pre-order. Fusion Garage’s Grid10 tablet is powered by the GridOS that offers groundbreaking operating system with many first-of-its-kind functionalities.



Fusion Garage Grid10 tablet offers a smart, social and transportable experience, you will be able to do web surfing, email, video, photos and music playback, a home screen navigation, motion class animation, and down to the way users will interact with the volume dial.


Expect to see Grid10 Windows tablet on retail market stateside by mid of this month.

Pre-orders Promo:

  • USD299 [ WiFi only ]
  • USD399 [ WiFi + 3G ] Get Yours? Click here!

Retail Prices:

  • Wi-Fi only 16GB model = USD499.-
  • Wi-Fi + 3G model = USD599.-

[ Source: Fusion Garage Grid10 Windows Tablet ]