A transparent pool table designed with Vitrik transparent material on top of a 15mm toughened glass top. The G-1 Glass Pool Table has two dimensions of 8 x 4-feet or 7 x 3.5-feet. The 15mm monolithic float glass comes with exposed polished edges, the glass is rigid and flat, not prone to sagging or warping.

G-1-Glass-Pool-Table-top-down-viewThe G-1 Glass Pool Table’s Vitrik playing surface replicates the rolling resistance of average speed cloth, you will be able to perform spin (English) to be applied, retains consistent roll characteristics for a lifetime durability.

G-1-Glass-Pool-TableInside the bundle you will find 1x ball set, 1x black triangle and 2x aluminium cues and bridge stick.

Price: GBP34,999.- [ G-1 Glass Pool Table is now available in UK, more info click here! ]

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