Samsung has revealed their latest smartphone called Galaxy Beam. Equipped with a built-in HD projector, Samsung Galaxy Beam is boast to offer up to 50 feet wide image projection using the ultra-bright 15 lumens lamp, no detail about projection resolution being revealed, yet.

Not to be confused with the Android Beam, Galaxy Beam takes its name from its built-in projector that can show HD projection of up to 50 feet wide with is ultra-bright 15 lumens.


On the other hand, other specs on Samsung Galaxy Beam are not really revolutionary ground-breaking, as most of the features including 4-inch screen size offering 800×400 pixels resolution, 1.3MP front camera, 5MP rear camera, 8GB storage, HSPA+ capability and Android 2.3 OS has also existed on the other range of Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus.

No wordings about how battery efficient the 15 lumens projector is, take in precaution that the 4-inch screen size with 50 feet projection capability will somehow drain the power faster than any estimated figures could be.

If you are attending Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, you shall have the opportunity to get the on-hand feel of the new Galaxy Beam smartphone projector. Too bad, no info about availability and pricing yet.

[ Source: The Verge ; Mobile World Congress 2012 ]