Seeking for the latest, slim, compact yet portable handheld gaming console? Archos’ Gamepad is designed with 7-inch capacitive screen, powered by a Dual Core 1.5GHz processor and Mali 400 MP Quad Core graphics card.

Thanks to the mapping and automatic game recognition systems built for GamePad, Archos already have more than one thousand Android games compatible with Archos Gamepad’s physical controls buttons, together with analog sticks, automatic game recognition and mapping tools, not to mentioned those back catalog titles that originally didn’t include physical controls.


According to Archos’ Founder as well as CEO, Henri Crohas, Archos Gamepad will be running Android ICS OS and it will have access for Google Play and the handheld gaming console is certified by Google.

Archos is planning to price GamePad at around EUR150, about USD188 for European market, but no further details about rest of the world market availability and pricing yet.

[ Source: Verge ]