Now release for Canada’s market, Gateway three new ID Series Notebooks coded ID49, ID59 and ID79. They come in respective sizes of 14, 15.6 and 17.3 respectively. Either ID49, ID59 or ID79 has aqua-blue toucpad.


The ID79 will come with Intel Core i7 processor, 1600×900 resolution and 6GB RAM, on meanwhile, both ID49 and ID59 are packed with either Intel Core i3 or i5 processor, 1366×768 resolution and 4GB of RAM. You should able to find dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT330M graphics card that support NVIDIA Optimus graphics technology for auto switching between GT330M and Intel HD graphics.

Gateway ID Series Notebooks for Canada:

  • ID49 = 14-inch, HD, Ultrabright LED-backlit display, 5.07 pounds and 1-inch thick;
  • ID59 = 15.6-inch, HD, Ultrabright LED-backlit display, 5.5 pounds and 1-inch thick;
  • ID79 = 17.3-inch, HD, Ultrabright LED-backlit display, 7.17 pounds and 1.5-inches thick.


  • Gateway ID49 = CAD609.-
  • Gateway ID59 = CAD699.99
  • Gateway ID79 = CAD1,049.99

[ Source: iTechNews ; Gateway ]