A new, spherical shape of OLED display has emerged in Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. The Mitsubishi’s spherical OLED display is called geo-cosmos, comes with six-meter sphere and consists of PMOLED panels offering 10 million pixels, 10 times greater than those LED display on the market nowadays.


Mitsubishi’s Geo-Cosmos spherical shape OLED display is claims capable to display Earth’s images taken from a meteorological satellite, complete with the natural looking of cloud and day/night animations.  Hang 18 meters above the floor, the spherical OLED globe is made from aluminum sphere covered by 103,620 PMOLED at 96 x 96 millimeters each individual panel.


In addition to Mitsubishi Electric, which created the OLED system, three other companies helped to make the OLED Geo-Cosmos display: Dentsu Inc. undertook project planning, Go and Partners, Inc. developed the image-processing and transmission system, and GK Tech Inc. created the spheroid design.

Madame Gipsy will read your fate from the spherical OLED ball sometime in near future? Definitely a crazy idea…

[ Source: Mitsubishi ]