Today is the first day of 7th lunar month on Chinese Calendar, or better known as ghost month. It is a bit difference from the Westernly ghost Halloween festive, some Chinese folks that hold their culture dearly are busy preparing for the ghost month festive celebration.

Nothing to deal with real ghost, the Illuminated Ghastly Stagecoach is inflatable with a dimension of three 88.5-inch tall ghosts where each illuminated by an internal 7-watt C7 bulb rated for 3,000 hours of operation, with the coach’s passenger is a witch that rotates sides to side 60 degree while ensconced within a transparent pumpkin filled with 48 bright LEDs and topped with a purple hat.


The coach’s tires are in plump orange, with a bulbous green frame and four lanterns, in overall the dimension of the Ghastly Stagecoach is 20 x 6 x 6-feet (LxWxH), weighing 17 lbs, made using durable polyester material and bundled with air blower that claims survives 2,000 hours of operation and a 6-feet cords.

This Illuminated Ghastly Stagecoach is inflatable less than 10 minutes using the bundled air blower. Hey, I don’t see Casper in there, do you know where is he?

It is available, right here!