Hey, Halloween is one more month away, do you want to get a surprise for your kids? What about give some ‘Giant’ sense for this coming Halloween festive?

Following inflatable black cat is probably the largest Halloween decoration taking a top height of 9 1/3-feet from the ground, each paw is the size of an armchair, the black cat’s head is designed to automatically sways side to side and has illuminating, piercing red eyes.


The fanged grin is about 4 3.4-feet wide, while the claws is about 9 3/4-feet long, this wicked looking black-cat comes with integrated air pump that inflates it up within four minutes. Manufactured using durable, tear-resistant nylon materials, this black-cat remains in place owing to the included stakes and 19 2/3-inch tethers.

You could fold it up into 18 1/4 x 15-inches for convenient storage.

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