Did you find that your DSLR camera is sometime too heavy for taking a shot? Did you ever miss the breathtaking event just because you can’t hold still you heavy DSLR camera?


Another problem would be, how to set the DSLR camera right to the optimum performance. Many DSLR camera owner might not necessary good at setting up the camera for certain occassion. GigaPan Robotic Camera Mount will solve the problems for you.

GigaPan-Epic-ProThis is GigaPan Robotic Camera Mount a neat DSLR camera companion considering the robotic capability and mounting system. It will hold firm and adjust to your setting or you could use the pre-set setting to adjust the angle, brightness, ISO, zoom level and flash light.

Epic = USD349.-          [ for small point – light weight camera ]
Epic 100 = USD449.- [ for small DSLR camera ]
Epic Pro  = UDS895.- [ for heavy DSLR camera – or heavy lenses camera ]

More info from GigaPan website here.