Seagate GoFlex Turbo is a portable external hard drive designed with USB3.0 interface and 7200 RPM. Seagate claims that the GoFlex Turbo with USB3.0 interface is 40 percent faster compare to the USB2.0 external hard drive with 5400 RPM setting.


One major drawback of rotary type of portable hard drive is the fragility of its magnetic rotary head, unlike Solid State Drive that uses NAND Flash modules, which likely to survive unintended shocked or dropped.

The two-year SafetyNet data recovery service looks pretty promising for owners of magnetic or platter base hard drives. The only question would be, how save and secure for having all your data including those third party sensitive data using the SafetyNet service?


  • 500GB = USD119.99
  • 750GB = USD139.99

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