What could be more pleasing in the winter when you come back late to home with sleepy eye-lid hanging on your eyes? Bet that a good, warm bed is the best answer. If you have been searching for good solution for a good, warm bed, following Heated Mattress Pad is rated the best by folks from Hammacher’s Institute for generating most consistent and comfortable heat.

The Best Heated Mattress Pad has soft cushioning and virtually undetectable heating elements, which earn high praise by panelists who have slept on the mattress pads.


The temperature fluctuated by only 0.61° Fahrenheit across the entire surface over eight hours time span, proving to offer most consistent warm from other models being tested and compared.

Besides, this Heated Mattress Pad also earnt a perfect score for durability, this Best model did not shrink or fray after repeated machine washing. The dual LCD controls are designed for king and queen size beds, which allow two sleepers to set their own preferred temperature from 10 heat settings.

No worry if you frequently forgot to switch off the heating elements, as it will automatically shut off after 10 hours of usage. This heated mattress pad  is useful for mattresses with thickness up to 18″ deep.

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