Since the release of iPad, Apple has received overwhelming market respond with over 600,000 units of sales turnover in the first quarter and is predicted going to touch millions dollar figures by end of this year.

And recent rumors of problems and erros on iPad is another opportunity for other third party such as Nokia, HP and Microsoft to make their way into the portable tablet market.


The question is, would Google also go for the Google Tablet with their Android OS? According to news released by The New York Times, Google has become one of the company that claims to share the big pie of tablet market with all other exisiting competitors in the global market.

Even though no official announcement has been made, New York Times has already reported that Google CEO Eric Schmidt has spoken to his friends during a recent party in Los Angeles about the Google’s intention to develop an Android powered tablet for the market.

No release release date has been confirmed, but Nokia has confirmed their entry in the tablet market, HP’s Slate confirmed a release for this coming Fall 2010 and Microsoft will release its Courier tablet by early 2011.

More info from DigitalTrends and NewYorkTimes