Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has recently developed a graphite foam that useful in doubling the LED lights’ lifespan. Graphite foam itself is a lightweight and flexible graphite crystal structure material to work with, creating the possibility of cheaper design with more effective passive cooling elements for LEDs.


This is perhaps also a remark for new wave of game changing technology, where electric car owners will start using electricity to recharge their vehicles, and a reduce in household’s lightbulbs electricity usage will in short term, contribute to balance the overall energy consumption level. And hopefully in the long run, more household green energy harvester will be invented, thus further decrease or eliminate electricity bills whenever it is possible.

Base on research conducted by Oak Ridge,’s scientists, a 10-degree decrease in the temperature on an LED is capable to double its lifespan. This is the particular reason behind why LEDs are designed with heat sink components that usually made of copper or aluminum.

[  Source: CleanTechnica ; Oak Ridge National Laboratory ]