Greubel Forsey GMT certaily takes the luxury wristwatch owner to new level of prestige and experience. Designed with lightweight titanium globe, that show the position of day and night across different continents via the 24-hour ring around the equator while the caseband windows represent the position of earth and the sun.

The mini titanium globe will completes one full counterclockwise rotation every 24 hours, matching the rotation of Earth in its micro rotation. You will see a worldtime disc on the rear of the wristwatch is connected to the globe and comes with names of 24 major cities that represent 24 global time zones.


The hour indicators split into white and black numbers representing the daytime and night-time hemispheres. Built using sapphire crystals, 18 karat gold and alligator leather, unfortunately no pricing and availability info yet.



[ Source: The-Gadgeteer ; Greubel Forsey GMT ]