GroundBot is a remote controlled unmmaned ground vehicles (UGVs) that have been proven useful in military applications. Owing to the initiative overtake by Rotundus, a Swedish company, the UGVs are also useful for civil security. GroundBot is capable to survive various ground conditions including mud, sand, snow, or even for floating on the water.

Rotundus’ spherically-shaped GroundBot surveillance robot is designed with a pair of cameras that will provide live video feed in 3D to its remote operator. Users could controlled the GroundBot using a GPS-based autonomous programmed system.

Moreover, GroundBot is usable at night, owing to the Infra-red night vision cameras, microphone and loudspeakers to communicate with the object and a 360-degree vision for wide angle viewing.

Rotundus also integrate various sensors for extra security, including for radioactivity, fire, heat, smoke, biological material, gas, humidity, explosives, or narcotics. The hermetically sealed sphere will well protect all its sensors, well-suited for uses such as investigating suspected gas leaks or other chemicals leaks.


GroundBot is designed to withstands overturns, drops and knocks. The top speed is 6 mph or about 10 kmph, and reported to be inaudible and comes with knobby tire treads for all-terrain operation, designed with oplycarbonate housing with high friction coating, measuing 60 cm (23.6-inch) in diameter and weighing 25 kg (55 lbs).

Capable to operate for 8-16 hours depending on mission profile without any recharging in between. However, it takes about 3-4 hours to fully recharge its battery.

Similar to a remote controlled toy car, GroundBot is capable to move and turn in multiple directions, offering smooth acceleration and deceleration, using the patented pendulum-based mechanism. GroundBot will start rolling once the pendulum located inside the sphere is raised by the built-in motor, changing the center of gravity.


Suitable for various public and private places, including airports, train stations, power plants, borders, warehouses, stadium/event surveillance as well as for monitoring security on large resorts.

No info about pricing yet, but GroundBot has been registered for sales and marketing at USA, Canada and Mexico.

[ Source: Rotundus GroundBot ]