A Handy, hammer shape lighter with a dimension of 4.0×1.1×8.9cm (LxWxH), you could now use a mini hammer to light up candles. A humourous gadget that will definitely impress your ‘smokers’ friends and an cool gift for those Cowboys with cigarettes in their pockets.


The fluid is refillable, however, you will get no gas fluid for international shipping. Whenever applicable, Australia and Canada buyers are subject to their Country’s Customs Clearance and taxes for importing the hammer shape lighter.


Tips For Fuel Fluid Refill: Holding refill vertically, insert Aerosol Nozzle into the lighter’s valve hole and apply firm downward pressure. A spray back usually occurs within 5 seconds indicating that the Product Is Full.

Price: USD1.99 [ Buy Hammer Shape Lighter, click here! ]