Searching for a handy, compact and portable type of air-conditioner unit? Following Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner is capable to cool air up to 30F! This Small Fan & Mini Air Conditioner unit is running on 4x batteries or using USB power through a USB adapter.

The fan is running 5 knot and giving cools breeze air up to 30°F, depends to ambient temperature and humidity. This Small Fan & Mini- Air conditioner unit runs 30dB whisper-soft turbine, allowing you to use it on remote areas where the nights are too warm to get to sleep and hard to find enough electricity to run a conventional wall mount type of air-conditioner.


It is also ideal for those of you that enjoy watching the golf champion match or tennis match on open stadium but can’t withstand the hot summer’s heat. You could also use it in your office if the air-cond is under maintenance or repair period.


Hence, you will need to add water to activate this patented air conditioning feature. Backed-up with one year manufacturer warranty, this stylish and handy Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner obtained favorable words of mouth amongst users. Furthermore, it is available in stylish pink, blue or black design.


You could also attach this handy air-conditioner gadget to any surface, the airflow is adjustable up to 90 degrees angle. If you love to get your skin tanned by the sun but dislike the over-heating problem? This is one neat solution, isn’t it?

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