HDE USB Finger Mouse: 1200DPI Wearable Optical Mouse

by Edward Xu

in Mouse Gadgets, usb gadgets

A wearable, HDE USB Finger Mouse Optical Laptop Notebook PC 1200DPI is just seems to be perfect for those with mobile computer and hate to use the trackpad for browsing your laptop or notebook.

Simply wear the HDE USB Finger Mouse Optical Laptop Notebook PC 1200DPI onto your middle finger or index finger, which one convenience to your preference, and start to move the corresponding finger to move the mouse cursor around the screen. It is Plug-n-Play, using USB 2.0 interface and requires no installation whatsoever and functioning as if other regular wired or wireless mouse.


However, since the price is extremely ‘low’ you should take precautionary measures for those sellers that promise the sky but deliver monkeys, some buyers have bad experience with sellers that seems to be dishonest with their delivery, or broken products, etc.  One major drawback is the USB wired cable and the bulky sensor that seems to be distracting whenever you need to type in anything while wearing the usb mouse on your finger.

Definitely will help for those with wrist strain, palm or fingers tiredness or repetitive stress injuries problems. Unfortunately, this Ergonomic USB 1200dpi Optical Finger Mouse’s sensor seems offer limited areas for movements. Workable on both lefty or righty users with the adjustable strap to fit any sized finger. The HDE USB Finger Mouse Optical Laptop Notebook PC 1200DPI is simply very light and the sensor will work on most surfaces.

Checkout the product, pricing and availability right here!

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