Did you know that sleepless nights could also be derived from uncomfort neck rest due to improper support of your pillow? If you have been sleeping upright but still have neck aching problem whenever wake up in the morning, you should consider to change your pillow right away.

Here comes one neat solution to your neck aching problem. The neck and spine support pillow has a hemispherical design that promise to comfort your neck while helping to properly aligns the cervical part of the spine while sleeping on your back.


The Neck and Spine Support Pillow comes with a dimension of 27 3/4 x 15 x 4-inch (LxDxH), weighing 3.5 pounds. It has a soft fleece cover that is removable and is proof for washing machine. The hemispherical design also offer a natural, gentle rise that contours to the shape of your head and shoulders, unlike typical pillows that require bunching or allow the head to sink too deeply into its loft.

Dislike sinking on your pillow after long hours of sleep? No worry, since the neck and spine support pillow is made of cool gel-infused memory foam that provides support while remaining supple for a comfortable sleep.

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