Bored with the conventional hole punch? The following ‘uncommon’ Heart Hole Punch should be one new office gadget that ‘young ladies’ market should love to own one. To operate the Heart Hole Punch is similar to the conventional ‘O’ Hole Punch, you will need to insert and position a piece of paper to the two holes on the punch and a simple press down will do the trick.

You might have think of where to stick these little hearts? A common suggestion would be sticking them inside a love letter or valentine card, but we guess you could also use these hearts for other purposes, such as mother/father day’s greeting cards, wedding anniversary, art projects, classrooms and offices’ notice board will also applicable. Well, the sky is the limit, don’t you agree?


But beware, as not all superiors or bosses will accept the ‘foolish’ heart shapes on their monthly profit and loss reports! 😀

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