Summer will arrive in day or less, depends where you are living right now, northern hemisphere areas usually have summer on the day of the year when the Sun is farthest north (on June 20th or 21st). This day is known as the Summer Solstice. In the southern hemisphere, however, winter and summer solstices are exchanged so that the Summer Solstice is the day on which the Sun is farthest south.

Probably these days when winter is not exactly as cool or whenever the summer heat is not as friendly as it was, having good ventilation for your house is not likely enought to dissipate the summer heat out from your bedroom.

Since sleeping is one important ingredient to stay fit and healthy during the summer period, you will definitely need a good bed to obtain quality sleep, especially if your summer villas does not have any air conditioning unit installed.


Following Heat Dissipating Sofa Sleeper Pad is made of memory foam pad as additional layer of soothing support to the thin mattresses found for usage on most sofa beds. The 3/4-inches layer is made of temperature-sensitive memory foam that proven to be useful in laboratory test to help dissipates body heat as well as hel to maintain comfortable sleep climate.

The foam molds is built with flexibility enough to take your body shape while reducing pressure points for more ergonomics sleep posture and better weigh distribution throughout the sofa sleeper pad.

Furthermore, the 1 1/4-inches high-density medical foam layer have six channels in the foam to allow gentle air circulation for providing cool sleep session. The cotton cover is made using removable 140 thread count 65 percent poly and 35 percent cotton materials. It is washing machine safe and could be stored securely in place by wide elastic bands.

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