An interesting gadget that allows its users to get hot water without using a flame stove, HeatStick is designed uses an aluminum canister of propane/butane to heat an element up, and get your water hot in a jiffy. No open flame, or combustible material that will be needed to boil your water.

HeatStick comes with boil-in-the-bag rations, freeze-dried rations, for making beverages as well as personal hygiene consideration in extreme chilly climatic outdoor conditions, offering highly efficient, safe and performance in one neat portable stick.

The HeatStick system withone litre bottle is tagged USD404, a packet of 10 Fuelsticks is priced USD78, where each Fuelstick carry enough juice to heat between 6 to 9 litres of water. That’s pretty expensive for household usage, but not for those professional in extreme icy North Pole where the hostile outdoor temperature is likely to be under 0 degree Celsius.

If you enjoy wild life living as an animal observer, and can’t afford to miss the moment to get a good look at the rare species of bird for making a cup of hot coffee using dry wood sticks, this HeatStick should become a great companion to ease your life.


Simply submerge some part of the aluminum canister into a glass of water or into a container consist of water, switch on the HeatStick and once the water is boiling, you could turn off the HeatStick and pull it away from the water media. That’s it, a hot water is ready to serve. It operate silently, but will have some small noise once the water is boiling and start to produce bubbles up to the surface,

No info about recharging the FuelSticks,prepare extra bucks and space for carrying the additional FuelSticks with you. More info about the HeatSticks specifications, after the jump…


  • Diameter: HEATSTICK: Ø68 [mm], Water container/bottle: Ø93 [mm]
  • Heating capacity: 0.925 Liter
  • Height: 270 [mm] (Fitted to water canister/bottle: 285 [mm])
  • Item number: 21101
  • Material: Anodized light-weight aluminium and heat-resistant high-strength polymer.
  • Volume: Takes up less than 10 [cm3] when stored in a 1.0 Liter water container/bottle
  • Weight: 380 g. (Including water container/bottle and sleeve: 641 g.)

[ Source: Product Page ]