Images featured over LikeCool, are series of Hello Kitty mod from Star Wars characters such as Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Stromtrooper, etc. You will be also able to find Marvel heroes characters such as Gundam, Buzz Lightyear, RoboCop, Batman and Wolverine.

Hello-Kitty-Model-Kit-star-trek-marvel Hello-Kitty-Model-Kit-batman-robo-cop-astek Hello-Kitty-Model-Kit-Darth-Vander-Strom-Troopers

All the Hello Kitty cartoon characters are very vivid and cute, even when it wear those evil villain characters’ customs! 🙂

No wording about the designer yet, if you know who designed those cute little fellas, you could tell us at: contact(at)thecoolgadgets(dot)com. We’ll be happy to put up the designer’s link on our post.

[ Source: LikeCool ; Stilleto Ninja Flickr ]