The way and chair we sit determine our comfortability, spine shape and overall health!

Herman Miller’s Setu Chair, said to be the most ergonomic, and comfort chair ever created. Its kinematic spine support with elastomeric fabric provides superior suspension and conforms to your body contours.


Setu Chair has the geometric adaptibility mechanism to your body contours and could mimics your sitting movement without a need of adjustment.

“It’s made from an innovative combination of materials to provide remarkable levels of strength, flexibility, simplicity, and dematerialization.” Setu will be introduced at NeoCon 2009 in Chicago, June 15-17. The initial offering will include the Setu 5-star, 4-star, butterfly, butterfly stool, and lounge and ottoman. Future models are planned that will further extend the Setu family’s range of application.


Setu’s Material

Setu’s material are made from polypropylene, its kinematic spine down to its category-first H-Alloy base material.

Design Flexibility

As Setu is designed to fit all shapes and sizes. But, equally important, Setu is designed to fit virtually all spaces and places.


You could place it in your office, your meeting room, your dining room, whatever that fits to your interior design characteristics, and it will simply blent into its surrounding nicely, meeting purpose of your interior design.

Setu chairs will be available in commercial market starting June 15, and will be retailed into Herman Miller’s retail channel in September of 2009.

Price: Contract list pricing starting $650, no relevant data on retail pricing.

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