Hexbugs are the small controllable cute bugs made by Innovation First International. Your child would love these cute bugs as they would react differently and could also be directed via a small remote control pad.


Each of these small robots resemble a small animal in our planet. It has four kinds of bugs: the ant, inchworm, crab and the original.


The Hexbug Ant will reacts to your touch and will go forward until it hits something, and then will go backward.


The Hexbug Inchworm resemble an insect rather than a worm, but it features a control that allow two Inchworms to be controlled at the same time.


The Hexbug Crab resemble a real crab but behaves like one, it will hide in a shaded area until loud sound or light will bring it out in the open.


The Hexbug Original looks like a bug will change direction as it reacts to obstacles in its path, as well as reacting to loud sounds.

Each of the Hexbugs come in five different colors, and are available on the Hexbug website.

The Inchworm: USD19.99
The Crab: USD14.99
The Ant and The Original: USD9.99

[ Source: Coolest-Gadgets ; Hexbug ]