This R&R‘s toy has been popular among children who love to play hide and seek. The Hide & Seek Safari-Monkey comes with led wand and a plastic monkey.

hide-n-seek-safari-monkeyYou could hide the monkey first and then ask the children to locate the monkey using the led wand. The wand has four leds and it will begin to illuminate when the wand holder get near to 20feet to the monkey.

More LEDs will light up as target getting nearer and when inside 5feet from the monkey, the wand will begin to beeps to tell the player that monkey is close.

The toy was awarded the Dr. Toy’s “Best Children’s Products” award. The hide n seek safari monkey is small enough to be hidden under a child’s pillow and its curved tail allows you to hang it from tree branches or lampshades.

Price: USD27.20 [ get it from Amazon here ]