Land Rover’s designer, the Advanced has created a new sleigh and said going to end the Santa wooden sleigh that is pulled by a reindeer.


According to some believe, each and every year, Santa Claus has to travel around the world on a wooden sleigh pulled by Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Eventhough it’s a magical sleigh that manages to make the trek in one night without fail, the designer team think that it is time to let Santa enjoy the new High-Tech Sleigh.

The hi-tech Santa’s sleigh has 2 seater comes with all the latest features such as particle accelerator technology, height adjustable suspension, holographic globe sat-nav, CRS (chimney recognition software) and an optional laser guided present delivery system.

I just think of, would Santa able to send all the present around the globe in time using this hi-tech sleigh? I would rather doubt it anyway… 🙂

[ Source: Car Magazine, DVICE, Born Rich ]