We are living in a world full of coincidences and accidents, so why not protect your important data with the Hitachi Simple-Tough?

Hitachi GST has announced two lines of USB 2.0 external hard drives, the SimpleTOUGH and the SimpleDRIVE. The SimpleTOUGH is a rugged external hard drive that is water and shock resistant.


According to drop test carried out by the Hitachi Global Storage Technology, the usb external hard drive can sustain a three meter drop (9.8 feet) and able to withstand the pressure of a one-ton, class commercial truck – amazing pressure resistant for such a tiny hard drive!

SimpleTOUGH offer ultimate durability and data safety, packed with simple-tough design. Let your journey begin with a peace of mind…


The external hard drive’s ergonomics casing with velvety smooth rubberized design, with an integrated flexible USB cable, and a cool topside LED.

Similar to Yuuwaa, for the double safety feature, SimpleTOUGH external hard drive also features both local and online backup for unbeatable, total protection.

With Hitachi Local Backup software, you can set up automatic backups from your computer to your SimpleTOUGH usb external hard drive, while Hitachi Ultimate Backup (2 GB fee) provides secure, online backup that’s safe from real world mishaps. The external hard drive works in the background, for constant, near-real time protection without have to slowing down your computer.


As a complement to the new drive manufacturer has released Simple NET, a network adapter that allows you to quickly and easily connect USB-drive directly to your home or work network Ethernet, to use the usb external hard drive as network storage of data.

Portable CD Simple TOUGH capacity of 250 GB, 320 GB and 500 GB interface supports USB 2.0, has a collapsible USB-cable.

According to news released by Hitachi Global Storage Technology Hitachi’s SimpleTough Hard Drive carries following properties:

  1. Water resistance, measured using 60cc of liquid, simulating a spilled drink;
  2. Shock resistance, measured using three meter drops onto a carpeted concrete floor. Dropping the drive is not recommended while in operation mode;
  3. The SimpleTOUGH drive was placed vertically on a concrete road, and was run over by a one-ton class, 1998, Chevy 3500 cab truck with a service chassis. Luckily, there was no damage to the truck.

Above testing was conducted by Hitachi GST.

Hitachi SimpleDrive available in three colors selection, black, blue and red.


Based on online searches we have carried out within the last two days, we don’t think you’ll find any other tougher portable usb external hard drive with such stylish design than Hitachi SimpleTOUGH.

As Hitachi motto “Inspire the Next”, SimpleTough External Hard drive is Simply Amazing external hard drive, aiming to build more brand awareness and solid trust amongs technology geeks for this hard drive segment.

Would Hitachi leading the breakthrough of usb external hard drive in term of durability and sustanability? Only Time will judge…

Hitachi’s – SimpleTOUGH’s Prices:
250GB : USD 99.99
320GB : USD119.99
500GB : USD149.99

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