Imagine if you could build your own solar powered Wi-Fi repeater, would that account for one of the coolest home made DIY science project? Renewable Energy Resources’ website has offered a complete .pdf report, for those who want to do the DIY Wi-Fi repeater in their own garage. Or, in case you are just too busy to build one on your own, you could order it directly from the Renewable Energy Resources.

The Solar powered Wi-Fi repeater is made by connecting a Linksys WRT54G v8 router to five AA rechargeable batteries with the built-in solar panel, and all of this is mounted into a cigar box. The solar panel puts out 7.5 volts at 500 milliamps in direct sunlight.



And ideally, you put the home-made DIY Wi-Fi repeater unit near a window that has lots of sun exposure in the day time to maximise the solar power harvesting process for longer hours of usage in the night or during those rainy or stormy weather.

The bundled package will come with custom DD-WRT firmware that will allow the home-made Wi-Fi repeater to scan and connect for to the strongest available signal automatically.

Price: USD200.- [ same price for either Backpack Hotspot or Hotspot Box version ]

[ Source: UberGizmo ; HacknMod ; Renewable Energy Resources ]