Early in January this year we have mentioned about HydroFill HydroStick Fuel Cell unveiled by Horizon. And now the company has officially announced their new product dubbed as MiniPak, a palm size universal portable power charger good for recharging any electronic devices up to 2W (5V, 400mA) of power.

MiniPAK is meant to be the first portable and low cost fuel cell power pack for those highly mobile people with power-necessity during their travel either for emergency of long duration off-grid power condition.


You could use MiniPak to recharge your cell phones, including smartphones, GPS handhelds, small lighting devices, MP3 players and even your portable gaming devices such as PSP Go, PSP 2 or even the Nintendo 3DS. MiniPAK has a passive air-breathing fuel cell and a “solid-state” hydrogen storage unit.


One unit of refillable solid state hydrogen cartridge fuel cell is touted to hold enough charge that is equal to one thousand of AA batteries’ power.

horizon-fuel-cell-minipak-3The power stored on the MiniPak is delivered via a standard micro-USB port and a multi-choice cable. The MiniPak itself is using 2 refillable solid state hydrogen cartridges, and the company, Horizon Fuel Cell has also develop a home refueling/recharging system dubbed “HydroFill”, which is sold as separate accessory.


The source of power for MiniPak cartridges itself is derived from hydrogen extracted from water, a green and eco-friendly power source for our future.

MiniPak = USD99.99 per unit [ including two hydrostick for the MiniPak ]
Extra HydroStick = USD9.99 per unit [ valid for order at multiplication of 10, minimum order 10 units ]
HydroFill Station = No info on pricing yet.

[ Source: Gizmag ; Horizon Fuel Cell ]