Wrinkles, are probably the most ordinary and common problems found on aging skins, but since not all aging group of people could accept wrinkles as part of natural aging process happening on a human being, this become an issue when people in their mid 30 begin to dislike wrinkles appearing on their face. 

Of course, yes, there are many solutions to get rid of wrinkles in the market, right from simple organic dermabration to hefty laser technology. But it all depends on which method you are choosing, the high-tech solution could simply means more expensive treatment cost.  A Japanese gadget inventor noticed that not all with wrinkles problems have similar budget, some might cannot afford expensive wrinkles treatment.


Here comes the simple and affordable solution called Houreisen Face Exercise Mask, which to some degree, looks a bit silly for wearer, resembling the Marvell heroes’ face mask, created using rubber and offer resistance for muscles in your face. The idea is similar to the fancy looking Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece, encouraging users to exercise their face muscles and boasting capable to reduce or even cure wrinkle lines or potential wrinkles on user’s facial region.

Considering the price, we think it is actually ‘expensive’ for a rubbery mask, don’t you think so?

Price: USD93.-

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