This one is coming to the market starting this 18 October 2009. The HP Mini 110 is a 10.1-inch display netbook designed by a Dutch designer. The device will come with preloaded Windows 7 Starter.

HP-Mini-110-by-Studio-Tord-Boontje-4 HP-Mini-110-by-Studio-Tord-Boontje-3 HP-Mini-110-by-Studio-Tord-Boontje-2 HP-Mini-110-by-Studio-Tord-Boontje-1

It has unique pattern of plants or animals on both the laptop case and inside the screen. Perhaps this 3-D imprint is one of the hp mini 110’s unique selling preposition from Studio Tord Boontje. It has a mercury free LED backlit display and a 92% full size keyboard ideal as your travel companion.

This Mini 110‘s Imprint 3-D, is the first three-dimensional PC surface technology in the industry. Using multiple layers on the top cover let the art appear as if floating on the surface, while casting shadows onto lower layers.

Price: USD399.-

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