Featuring a dual-core Atom N550 1.5GHz processor, HP Mini 5103 netbook offers silver ‘espresso’ color with HP Day Starter instant-on OS without any WebOS being installed inside yet.According to info from HP to Engadget, HP Mini 5103 has improved benchmark performance up to 20 percent without costing significant impact on its battery life.


HP Mini 5103 will come in an magnesium and aluminum allow metal body, 10.1-inch display, you will be able to get the high resolution display or capacitive touch screen. Other mentioned features including 7200RPM hard drive or an optional solid state drive, bluetooth, 3G connectivity and Broadcom Crystal HD video decoder.


For mobile broadband, you will get Qualcomm’s Gobi technology, while for the graphics, there is Intel NM10 chipset.

Estimated Starting Price: USD400.-

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