Huawei new product, the E583X USB modem is able to turn a 3G wireless signal into WiFi signal.

The E583X usb modem has a 1,500mAh battery, will supply enough power for approximately 5 hours operational hours. The battery is rechargeable using your laptop USB port.


On Huawei’s E583X USB modem, it has capability to send out WiFi signal. In case you do not want to see anything attaching on your laptop or netbook, you could set the modem to operate Wirelessly. However, a certain measure of distance from the E583X and your laptop is something you should take into concern.

One of the main capabilities featured on the Huawei E583X USB modem comparable to its similar devices, is the ability to share a single 3G connection with up to five other users on its surrounding area.


Price: No formally released price yet.

The Huawei E583X USB modem will be released in Europe later by this incoming July.

[ Source: Techfresh ; Ubergizmo ]