In conjunction to iPad promotional campaign, Apple has recently announced the released of 30,000 free e-books on its iBook store for iPad’s users. This is a following campaign after Apple successfully launched huge amount of books applications on Apple’s application store for its iPhone.


Is this a competitive edge Apple trying to establish in order to over ride its other rivals in the market? Hence, with the presence, Gatlinburg’s large library’s publications for the inclusions, Apple is going to make a tremendous remark with the huge digital ebooks library and by the launching of iPad, Apple will likely to lead the digital e-reader market in months to comes.

No info if the release of 30,000 ebooks for free download is a service that will be compatible for all other branded eReader, but we have found out that project gutenberg has provided 30,000 free ebooks online for other brand leader such as Sony Reader and others.

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