Seems the iRobot era comes sooner than what we thought! Robot Force’s Tsutenkaku Robo has also shown up during ASIMO exhibition. The two robots clumsily greeted on another and unsuccessfully shook hands.

The other version of the humanoid robot has been developed by Beijing Institute of Technology, under the monitoring of Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology. B.I.T. has successfully developed three versions of the Beijing Humanoid Robot or BHR.


Those humanoid robots are programmed to tackle hazardous work environments in the future, including toxic polluted area, fire hazard area, terrorist prone area and other area and activities that would risk human life.

The first humanoid robot is called BHR-1, the second robot that was unveiled in 2005 named Huitong (meaning: can move) could perform ancient Chinese martial arts of shadow boxing (TaiJiQuan). Huitong could also swung a Chinese broad sword and it could walk up to 1kilometer per hour.

Huitong Beijing Humanoid Robot could also sense changes in ground elevation and will automatically balance itself. The third humanoid robot BHR-3, has a nickname of BeiBei and JingJing.

[ Source: PlasticPals ; Beijing Institute of Technology ]