If you prefer not washing spoon enjoying delicious ice cream, here comes the Ice Cream Scoop and Stack. The Ice Cream Scoop and Stack will create cylindrical blocks of ice cream that could be easily stacked onto an ice cream cone or on a plate for a colourful and creative presentation.


Mocha, a UK base online merchant is offering the Ice Cream Scoop and Stack for effortless making of cylinder shape ice cream that kids will surely love to taste. Ice Cream Scoop and Stack’s dimension: 19 x 5 cm and dishwashwer safe.


This clever gadget works with a simple twist and lift action. The ergonomic scooper effortlessly cuts through the hardest ice cream. To release, you simply press the push button at the top. The flat top and bottom of the scoop lets you stack your favourite flavours. Use the Ice Cream Scoop and Stack to fill ice cream cones or effortlessly produce creative ice cream desserts.

Price: GBP9.50

[ Source: Davidson ; Mocha ]