iHM61 is a Color Changing Speaker from iHome that looks like fitness dumbbells, with some short of variation at the middle. Probably trying to create the image that the iHM61 is a stubborn speaker that should survive the ‘heavy-weight’ audio demand.

The LED located inside the center of the ‘dumbbell’ could glow in various colors, and you could set the color to change on its own regularly or could be fixed at certain color of your preference.


iHome iHM61W boast to offer a superb bass as well as volume, but from the tiny outlook, you might find it hard to believe. On the standard setting, the LED colors will keep changing and looping infinitely from red, amber, green and blue, and it looks nice for picnic or outdoor activities for enjoying to your favorite tunes during your leisure hours, but unlikely fit well to your laptop or notebook bag.

Price: USD25.99 [ Get one? Go get it right here! ]

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; iHome iHM61W Speaker ]