You might have been through some part of countries across the globe where your luggage was broken down due to harsh handling. This is never become a good experience for travelers that enjoy going to various countries and places around the world.

Is there any solution to this type of problem? Following impervious luggage is constructed using high density ABS or polycarbonate composite, the same material for bulletproof glass. This impervious luggage is lighter than similar soft-sided models, has 2.6mm-thick, scratch resistant shell that survive 250 lb/ft pressure before suffering a dent.


At the bottom, you will find four ball-bearing wheels that could make one full circle of rotation for ease of transport or towing. This luggage’s sealant property is built with aluminum reinforced corners and both havles of the luggage’s shell are secured with a durable ABS zipper in overall, this luggage withstand exposure to salt, snow and rain.


The telescoping aluminum handle comes with soft rubber handle, while the lock is TSA approved for optimal protection for the case’s contents, there is a second zipper for users to get additional 2-inches of volume expansion, which gives up to 25% of increase in overall volume, ideal for tourists or travelers that enjoy bringing souvenirs back with them.

Interior of this impervious luggage is lined with soft polyester, and you could store toiletries or shoes or other small things inside the built-in transparent pocket divider.

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