Introducing cool Yacht Designed by E. Kevin Schopfer with Sparkman Stephens, Naval Architects – The Infinitas.

With length 300 foot (approximately 91.5 meters), Infinitas is the second yacht design launched by Schöpfer Yachts.


The design’s main inspiration comes from the symbol for infinity which has been abstractly expressed within the yacht’s elevation.

The main deck living room, and dining room are detached. The dining room moves forward and is separated from the living room by a massive pool deck.


This new deck location allows for the first time, direct access to dining room and kitchen for expanded activities, in combination with the living room/salon.

Infinitas is designed to accommodate 12 guests and crew.




[Source : Sopheryachts – Infinitas ]

[Credit : Tangram 3DSInfinitas’ Design Images ]