A South Korean visual artist Jae Rhim Lee has a unique idea to train new version of mycelium mushrooms to decompose human tissue, that take shape in the form of a body suit prototype called ‘The Infinity Burial Suit’ that embroidered with mushrooms spore infused into the netting.

The Infinity Burial Suit prototype will help to break down human corpse’s body organic matter and clean out accumulated toxins and thus resulting in a nutrient-rict compost that will benefit the surrounding soil.


Probably the trend is going to be a green ‘cemetery’ where all human corpse will basically decomposed and help to grow the surrounding plants and grass.

Moreover, The Infinity Burial Suit prototype is designed to be a formaldehyde-free, an environmental-friendly way of lett the passed away people to fully unite with the universe back to the earth again.


The mushrooms also being adapted to grow on the artist’s own hair, nails and skin, enabling more complete decomposting process. The artist also formed a group named Decompiculture Society that consists of people that devoted to promote green burial, including health-care workers, and people that curious or has direct business dealing with cemetery process.

More info regarding Infinity Burial Project at the official website, right here.