Following writing instrument is a bit of ‘revolutionary’ and modern sense compare to those ‘conventional’ ink-pen from last century. This Inkless Graphite Quill allow user to write on papers without worrying about running out of ink as if those ink feather pen back in 1800s.

Since inspiration is hard to get, sometime, you just need to have the right writing gadget to capture all those ‘words’ or ‘ideas’ that are floating in your mind onto a piece of paper. However, unlike permanent marker, you can’t using this Inkless Graphite Quill on the glossy type of surface.


The graphite on the Inkless Quill will last up to 9 years with daily use. There are two size for the Graphite Quill, the small size is about 4-inches long by 1.5 inches wide, while the bigger one is 6.5-inches by 1.75-inches.


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