Intel has recently unveiled the anti-theft technology with crypto keys designed for laptops and network chip sets. You could disable a PC or mobile computer that is stolen or lost using the GSM base technology. The amazing part is, the anti-theft technology could be used with or without a connection to the internet or network.


Intel anti-theft technology involves the placing of a GSM receiver in the hardware so machine could be deactivated even without having to go online.

As a system administrator, you will be able to temporary ruin or destroy a stolen computer’s system using a “poison pill” message. But when it is needed, you will have the ability to re-activate the machine once the lost or stolen computer or laptop is found at a later date.

Alternatively, if a machine fail to log in for a specified amount of period of time, Intel Anti-Theft technology will also automatically disable the machine.

Key Features of Intel Anti-Theft Technology:

  • Deter theft. Remove the temptation to lose or steal a PC which will soon cease to operate.
  • Guard data assets. Protect laptop data by blocking the OS from loading and/or disabling access to encryption keys.
  • Customize detection/reaction. Control how and when a PC will detect it has been stolen and what actions will be taken.
  • Restore operation easily. Re-enable recovered laptops quickly, with no damage to PC or data.
  • Personalized recovery message. Display a personalized recovery message on your screen to aid in laptop recovery.

No wording Intel is going to mass release the product for computer manufacturers yet.

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