Let’s have a look at Intel’s upcoming touchscreen ultrabook. The prototype carry a 13.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, 1600×900 pixels resolution, and powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform. The touchscreen ultrabook also comes with built in 3G and NFC.

The original intention from Intel was to show how OEMs could give their slim laptops or notebooks with a capacitive touch feature, as you could see from the video below how the touchscreen ultrabook running the Zinio digital magazine app without any hassle as if a tablet.

Video Credit: UltrabookNews


Image Credit: The Verge

From this point onward, laptops and notebooks will slowly transform into a touch product, in order to maintain competitive edge with the touch-capable tablet pcs that have flooded the market since few years ago.


The potential of the touchscreen ultrabook is going to run Windows 8 OS, a smart start from Intel that give the feeling of tablet on a clamshell to its users.

No info about availability and pricing yet.

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