A normal human love to eat delicious food, that’s the way of living for a human being! But sometimes delicious food could do more harm than good to our body, for example the oily junk food, processed, fried or even roast meat, they will cause imbalance hormone within our body, while the oily stuff at the end will fatten your shape and increase risk of cancer.

Vegetable and seafood at the other hand, when it was fried with over temperature, all the necessary vitamins and minerals carry inside the vegetable or seafood will be diluted along with the cooking oil and heat of over temperature.

The Morphy Richards Intellisteam steamer is one of the excellent ways to cook meats, fish, vegetables etc. while maintain the natural ingredients inside the vegetables or meats. The Intellisteam steamer designed with intelligent digital timer and alarm. Other benefits are blue backlit LCD screen, up to 40 minute auto keep-warm function, instant steam production, visible water gauge, external water top up, removable drip tray and cord storage. Boil Dry safety cut-out alarm will sound if water boils dry and cooking will stop. All accessories are dishwasher safe.

You would be able to cook various dishes on this Morphy Richards Intellisteam steamer of foods such as chicken, fish, vegetables, rice and sauces with a pre-set time guide, a neat feature that will eliminate all guesswork.

You could also save your own cooking time into the device’s Personal Memory function for future use. It will help to retain vitamins and minerals in the steamed foods, and capable to deliver perfectly cooked and healthy dishes, just right for user’s taste.

This steamer enough to cook 8.2 litre of foods enough for 4 adults and and designed with 3 individually controlled heaters, you could share the gadget with your room mates and steam your foods in each individual steamer container.

Price: GBP99.99 [ more info from Morphy Richards’ official site here ]

Amazon best offer: GBP54.00 [ you could get it here ]