iNuke Boom: Behringer Mammoth Size Speaker Dock for Iphone Or iPod

by Edward Xu

in iPod Gadgets, music gadgets, speaker gadgets

Probably you have not seen something as following Behringer’s iNuke Boom speaker dock previously. Taking a dimension of 8 x 4-ft (WxH), with a weight over 700 pounds, Behringer’s iNuke Boom is claimed to be the largest iPhone/iPod speaker dock in the market right now.

Behringer is one of the brand that popular amongst professional audio and music equipment, the iNuke Boom for iPhone/iPod speaker dock is designed to provide up to 10,000 Watt of output, getting users the kind of ‘bombastic’ feeling listening to music simply by docking your iPhone or iPod on top of the speaker dock.


Scheduled for public appearance at CES 2012, Behringer’s iNuke Boom is one big and expensive audio equipment that should suit those deep-pocketed users.

Price: USD29,999.99

[ Source: Behringer iNuke Boom Speaker Dock for iPhone/iPod ]

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