A transparent way of green charging for your mobile electronic devices is heading your way in very near future! Wysips, a French company is currently developing a kind of invisible or transparent photovoltaic film that will provide substantial amounts of power for your mobile devices.


The transparent photovoltaic film has a thickness of 100-micron, practically invisible and it has the capability to produce enough energy generated from the sun light to fully charge a cellphone in approximately six hours.

The concerns come to the level of durability for other supporting components for the solar charging mobile phone, will there be rugged enough battery, plastic, electronic or silicon base materials that would withstand the UV rays and heat from charging under the sun for six hours?


It goes without saying, this type of invisible green charging technology will become near future best selling technology, as market is more aware about product that provide less carbon footprint in order to help cool down our planet from global warming as well as shifting business mindset over the green product trend for the future.

Expect to see more mobile gadgets with invisible charging technology start appearing in the market by the next 12 months or so.

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