Love playing basket ball but hate the exhausting experience after the play, here comes a neat idea suggested by a Chinese Designer, Li Jianye called ‘iOlympic wastebasketball’ basket board.


Ideal for office where most wastes consist of papers, simply place your trash bin on top of the iOlympic wastebasketball, aim and shoot to the board for a perfect score. Definitely not a green idea to encourage people throwing more paper waste into the trashbin, but take the positive points, throw out your boredom, keep your office or home tidy while having some fun with it.


Precaution: never ever thinking of throwing your child as an angry bird into the trash bin, any harmful effects occurred is sole responsibility of the users…. 🙂

Images Credits: Li Jianye, Jason Lee

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; Labexp ; Jason Lee ]