Latest glasses free 3D display technology unveiled by South Korean’s 3DIS is a demo video of iPad 3D that allow iPad users to get the feeling of viewing a glasses free 3D visual effect on the iPad.

The demo images and video are set in HD quality 3D setting with responsive left and right turning for a more realistic 3D impression. As shown at below video the prototype ‘iPad 3D’ is only responsive to left and right turning when recorded from a single point view camcorder, but it reality, this Real 3D Glasses free Display is offering two view points perspective for lively 3D image when viewed by real person standing in front of the iPad 3D screen.


The 3D still images are generated from 2D images on the specially designed with advanced parallax barrier display from 3DIS. The 2D images are then become ‘as if’ 3D when being viewed on the parallax barrier display.

Additional info about 3DIS  Real Glasses-Free 3D iPad prototype …

“This glasses-free 3d display technology is designed using advanced parallax barrier technology that comes with a unique two view points and space separation technique.

On above movie, you could only see one side of the image (only left or only right) for stereo 3D images. This is due to the video being recorded using a single view point camera, but the 3D result will vary when being viewed with real human eyes that come with two view points of left and right,  that in return generating a more realistic 3D effects for the direct viewer.

Moreover, the 3D still images on the demo video above are using pre-formatted 3D converted images generated by a special 3D conversion software made by other company outside 3DIS, not a 3D software made in-house by 3DIS.  This is due to Apple’s iSO software  has not support the stereoscopic player for 3DIS’ 3D image format, yet.

Finally, the advanced parallax barrier panel technology is attached at the front of the 2D panel of the iPad from the inside, undergoing a sophisticated, full-screen optical bonding and micro-arranged processes.”

In reality, viewer will be able to see the changes of the stunning 3D images in real time using both the left and right eyes at the same time, watch below video for more details…

Do you think Apple is going to adopt the advanced parallax barrier display for their upcoming iPad 3?

Thanks Andrew!

[ Source: 3D Display Korea ; 3D Display Korea Official Site ]